Vacation Bible School 2017

Seventeen children attended the fourth and final day of VBS.
Lots of adults, toddlers, and infants attended.

Another Vacation Bible School is in the books, so to speak, and it was a dandy one. With 17 children attending the final day of VBS, it stands as the largest in several years. And that number didn’t include the several infants and toddlers with their parents or all the adults present.

The Rev. Doug Waldo led the bible school, along with his wife, Mona. He offers a unique blend of interactive, kid-friendly experiences that enlivens their understanding of and appreciation for the Bible.

Rev. Waldo, whose home is in Iowa, has conducted vacation bible school at St. John’s for more than 20 years.

We’re already beginning to look to next year’s VBS, which likely will stay at St. John’s since they have more space to accommodate what we hope will be even greater numbers of children (and their parents and grandparents).