Praise God!

OK, I had this dream I mentioned to a couple of our congregation a few months back: I wanted the church to have a lettered sign board that we could use to announce each Sunday’s message and our special events. We kicked that around a bit, but then we got busy with other things and didn’t bring it up again.

So, in the meantime my wife, Janet, travels to Southeast Missouri for her annual conference of public administrators. Riding with her was Jane, the PA for Atchison County and Tarkio. As they visited on their drive down, Jane mentioned that her husband is pastor at First Baptist Church in Tarkio, and they are getting a new digital sign for their church. Wife Janet asked what plans they had for their old sign. NONE.

So, those fine folks at First Baptist are GIVING us their sign, free! And, they’re giving us the box of letters, free!

Long story short: Roderick sign will bring the old sign back to their shop. Amazonia United Methodist will pay to have a new identification put on the top of the sign and then return it to us when we have our brick foundation completed.

Amazing how God works, isn’t it? We are blessed beyond measure!